In My Arms / Setareh Ebrahimi

Trespass across the human landscape of Setareh Ebrahimi’s world. You’ll find yourself a willing voyeur of stolen moments between the intrepid and humanely flawed figures who populate her poems: mothers, lovers, lost siblings, corrupted angels, nurses and ghosts. Leave your faint heart at home: these poems are set in extremes, either frozen or desert-hot. They dance and skip to a musicality that seems to come from the land, from the skin.

Ebrahimi’s is an assured voice, both soft and hard, ruthless and seductive. Line by line, she layers imagery as if pouring a glass of water to the brim: full enough to satisfy great thirst, without spilling over.

“The debut pamphlet from Setareh Ebrahimi announces a new talent for a new era in spoken word and live literature. The ‘secret weight’ of this book is its ability to fuse surreal lyricism and powerful imagery. A book to read and speak in equal measure.”  Joelle Taylor

“In the hands of Setareh Ebrahimi, everyday words catch the light at just the right angle. She produces x-rays of the spirit within, sending a shiver of recognition down the spine.”  Barry Fentiman Hall

“Ebrahimi’s pamphlet paints a picture of a woman drawing lines between herself and her surroundings, her lovers and her family. My favourite poem is ‘Wandering Rocks’, where you ‘almost forget to be’ and rather envision the scene displayed between words.”  Katrine Lyn Solvaag

“Both erotic and macabre all at once, Setareh seems to delight in perverting the everyday, and I would more than happily let her.”  Connor Sansby